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The Peace Warrior – TPW is a modern-day NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization to Serve Humanity and Bring About Positive Transformations in Our World through Compassion, Creative Expression & Manifestation of Our Good Voice. To do what is right, to choose to do what is right – we decide what legacy we would like to leave for the future generations to come. On behalf of The Peace Warrior team, we are immensely grateful for your love and support, for your blessings and contributions. With your help together, we aspire to take up as many social and humanitarian causes – to serve each other – to help each other – to help make this world more beautiful. Through this movement we are going to facilitate a better world, remember every intention and every action counts, and our collective actions will bring waves of transformations. Let’s enlighten ourselves, let’s empower ourselves, let’s evolve ourselves, while helping others and doing what is right. Thank you so much for being part of this magnificent journey, thank you so very much

– Sonali Shivhare Namiranian.

COVID19 Medical Relief


Bulk Sanitizers

Oxygen Concentrators

Healthy Meal to BOP

Weekly Grocery for Distressed BOP Families

Distribution to Homeless

Our Projects


The goal of DO NO HARM INDIA (DNHI) is to play a pivotal role in creating awareness about the challenges within the country’s vast healthcare system and draw global parallels, bringing the public and medical communities together in search of solutions to improve patient safety and wellness among physicians and healthcare workers.

Global Youth Program

The Peace Warrior Youth Program endeavors to bring a few chosen, and committed together, provide them with the tools of compassion, knowledge, and leadership training to become aware of our environment and lay the foundations for becoming successful global citizens.

Alleviate Hunger


Project Homeless - LA

The Peace Warrior’s main goal here in Los Angeles is to fight poverty. We have been distributing fresh fruit bags, hygiene packets, and hot meals to our fellow homeless in Los Angeles neighborhoods. We want to do more, hopefully, we can have a permanent kitchen.

The Girl Child

The Peace Warrior wholeheartedly supports The Girl Child, and it is our sincere effort to spread awareness about disparities in this population. It is our humble attempt to help close some of the disparities and take up projects that will help support and uplift The Girl Child.

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