“There are billions of tiny acts that create suffering in the world – acts of ignorance, greed, violence, but in the same way, each act of caring – all the billion tiny ways that we offer compassion, wisdom, and joy to one another – serves as a preservative and healing agent.” – Ram Dass

As a nonprofit organization, TPW’s main goal here in Los Angeles is to fight poverty. We have been distributing fresh fruit bags, hygiene packets and hot meals to our fellow homeless in Los Angeles neighborhoods. We want to do more, hopefully we can have a permanent kitchen.

We cannot achieve our goals on our own, we need you!!!

There are about 580,000 people experiencing homelessness in United States. That is the population of the whole state of Wyoming. There are 151,000 homeless in California alone and about 41,000 in Los Angeles.

We are your neighbors; we walk on the same streets, and we see what is happening as much as you do. We refuse to ignore. We believe that the smallest act of kindness can have a huge impact on our world.

We believe in the kindness and generosity of humankind and not letting any soul behind. Are you interested in helping homeless people like we do? We are here to help you if you are busy. You can volunteer or donate.

In our latest effort, our team has purposed to donate 200+ boxes of goodies on 4th of July! We want to celebrate the independence of our beautiful and strong country and uplift it from the bottom up. Everyone should celebrate and have a treat on this day, so should our homeless brothers and sisters.

Each box includes – A cotton t-shirt, masks, fresh fruits, cookies, and a handwritten note. If you sponsor a box, their note will be on your behalf.

We will be distributing in Los Angeles, and we hope to help homeless veterans, families, men, women, sick people, anyone in need.

If you are willing to help as well and dont know how, or you dont have time, our enthusiastic and passionate team is here to volunteer and do it for all. We cannot achieve our goals on our own, we need you!!! TOGETHER a lot can be achieved.

Please Sponsor a BOX for $20: be the CHANGE make a DIFFERENCE.

– Los Angeles Peace Warriors

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