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The founder of The Peace Warrior, Sonali S. Namiranian is a lifelong seeker, she desperately seeks opportunities to learn and grow, every single day. She tries to learn from everything and everyone, in ordinary and mundane situations as well as in extraordinary and exuberant ones. She says we can learn from a tiny insect like an ant for example: perseverance and untiring hard work. From the eagle for example: to keep an unwavering, super focused vision. She learns from great sages and legends what to do and looking at the life of criminals and miscreants, what not to do, how not to live. She believes that every single one of us has the potential and capabilities to shine our very best self – every single day, only if we choose and aspire for it, only if we put the efforts to design it that way. Each one of us has the innate volcano of joy, bliss, compassion, and a very superhero self, all within us, it is only for us to discover and unleash. The answer to every question lies within us, only if we are willing to dive within and seek those answers.


   She has had her set of hardships and turbulences, and accepts life as a cycle of happiness and distress, just like the seasons of nature, however we must transcend above this cycle, to experience the true nature of life, which is always blissful, exuberant, joyful, full of love and absolutely beautiful. Hardships will always be there; however, she desires to see the beauties of life through every single hardship. Every challenge is an opportunity in her eyes, every hardship a springboard to the next growth spurt. She has experienced the pain and pressures of growing, of life, however she never let them crush her, rather she sought learnings out of every negative experience, whether it was being bullied and allowing herself to be isolated in order to recoup as a young adult, seeing and experiencing various types of discriminations, experiencing harassment, abuse and so on. No matter what came her way, she always stayed a seeker, and deeply spiritual, trying to connect with the creator and the cosmos, and appreciate what role she was born to play. She knows that she was born to serve – to help others and to give back brings her the most joy. 


Books have played a significant role the in the founder’s life, they were her best friends growing up, and remain. She cannot lay more stress on the importance of a meaningful, holistic education and learning opportunities for every child. In her opinion this will help eliminate/combat/alleviate/erase the many challenges faced by humanity – as a whole. The author is determined to change the world, so that together we can ensure that every child can go to school, and a good school. That every child has access to sanitation, nutritious meals and play growing up.


The author is a Peace Warrior, and she has waged a war against gender, socioeconomic, caste, creed, and race discriminations. She says that our world today needs more Peace Warriors. She is determined and believes that together we shall overcome. She has picked up the pen to write, her current book and future books will serve as a window to the world, and you the reader is her agent for betterment and change.


It is her dream to see that every child is given a fair share, an opportunity to education, sanitation, clean drinking water and protection from abuse. (Can we do this much as a world? she appeals) As in her eyes, every child is a lamp that will light our future. A star that will spark our world when we are dead and gone. Our legacy as a world – is today’s child, not my child, not your child – every single child.


Through her current book and her future works, she would like to serve humanity. Therefore, she promises/wow’s/vouches that a hundred percent of profits from the sale of her books, will go towards serving the world, and help make our world more beautiful. She says, this is the least she can do, this is the least you can do, and this is the least we can do.


“Love, light, and cheers to a better world, one book at a time.”

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