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About The Peace Warrior

Who is a peace warrior? What is a peace warrior? 

You, I, and each one of us can be a peaceful warrior. If we choose to speak up at the right time, if we choose to take action when needed, if we have the right thought mindset, if our heart is full of love and compassion. If we care, if we want to make a positive impact, if we want to give back, if we feel the pain of others, if any of these, all of these happened to you, you are a peace warrior.

Is a servant leader who seeks to tap human connections every day. She is deeply passionate about creating a compassionate world and impacting 1B people at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP).

She is a well-established and certified clinical research & management professional with 15 years of comprehensive clinical research, clinical research management, and regulatory affairs experience; she is part of the 2020 cohort at USC’s Doctor of Regulatory Sciences program. She is former Director of the Women’s Health Clinical Research Unit (WHCRU) at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine (2014-2020). She is an advisor, facilitator and consultant to research investigators, scientists, and BioTech & MedTech startups. Currently, she serves as the Director of Operations for a MedTech/Biotech spin-out company from UCLA Medical School. Through her work, she strives to make an impact – one human at a time. She knows that she was born to serve and help make this world a better place – every single day. She understands that everything she does directly or indirectly helps push the boundaries of the medical and biotech fields and this keeps her excited every day.

She is a Peace Warrior in spirit who received a calling to initiate The Peace Warrior movement, so that together we can: Serve Humanity & Bring About Positive Transformations in Our World – through – Compassion, Creative Expression – & Manifestation of Our Good Voice.

“You, I, each one of us can be a Peace Warrior. If we choose to speak up at the right time, if we choose to act when needed, if we choose to carry the right thought mindset, if we choose to fill our heart with love and compassion. If we care, if we want to make a positive impact, if we want to give back, if we feel the pain of others – if any of these or all of these happen to you, then you are a Peace Warrior.”

Founder’s Calling –

Her Message to the World

“Who is a peace warrior? What is a peace warrior? You, I, each one of us can be a peace warrior. If we choose to speak up at the right time, if we choose to act when needed, if we build the right thought mindset, if we fill our hearts with love and compassion, then we are a peace warrior. If we care, if we want to make a positive impact, if we want to give back, if we feel the pain of others, if any of these or all of these happened to us – then we are a peace warrior. I want to facilitate this. I think it is the need of the hour. I think our world needs it. I have this calling and I receive this calling. I want you to receive it too. I want you to connect with me and feel it. I want you to bring your calling as well. You are a peace warrior as much as I am. Each one of us has the potential to shine our absolute best and anybody who chooses to shine versus succumb is a peace warrior. “

“Eagerness to serve, a heart full of love flowing with compassion, just eager to serve. That is all we need. That is what our world needs today. In giving is receiving. As you give others you receive even more, and the joy multiplies. If you have ever tasted it, you are just going to keep on going. Once you taste the magic of giving and receiving, the minute you tap that energy, you will never be able to turn back. Never, ever. And I am here to facilitate the transmission of this energy of compassion, of giving back. To allow as many people in our world to tap their Peace Warrior Spirit and bring it to action.
I am as ordinary as you are, and I am as extraordinary as you are.”– Sonali S. Namiranian.

The Peace warrior (TPW) is an honorable, courageous and compassionate human being who makes a difference by having lived and lived well. The Peace warrior grabs power by the throat and shakes it into a state of humility, while also hugging the world in a mighty embrace of love and compassion
be The Peace Warrior – be the CHANGE – make a DIFFERENCE.

The Peace Warrior Spirit

The peace warrior spirit is in essence humanity in action. It is all about embracing and rekindling our true humanness, our innate ability to be compassionate, to allow for uninhibited human connections and most importantly taking control of our day-to-day actions through which we can accelerate our evolutionary engine and keep it going.

TPW chooses to speak up at the right time, chooses to take action when needed and most importantly TPW works diligently to build the right thought mindset. TPW looks at all others with an eye of equality and oneness, a sense of connectedness at the highest level of being and in doing so, TPW’s heart becomes full of love and compassion. TPW cares for one and all, feels the happiness and pain of others and through his or her thoughts, words and actions wants to make a positive impact in our world. TPW is grateful and realizes his or her blessings and thus wants to give back.

To realize that each one of us has the potential to shine our absolute best and to choose to shine versus succumb is the peace warrior spirit.

It is the sheer eagerness to serve, to allow our hearts to fill with love and compassion – to tap into the magic of giving and receiving. It is the transmission of this energy of compassion, of giving back.

TPW organization wants to facilitate the peace warrior spirit. We think it is the need of the hour. We think our world needs it. It is our sincere effort to take up as many social and humanitarian causes and to help inculcate and spread the peace warrior spirit and thus positively impact and touch as many lives in our world. To allow as many people in this world to tap their Peace Warrior Spirit and bring it to action – through our thoughts, words and actions we will tap the extraordinary in each one of us, while helping others and doing what is right – this is the spirit we choose to carry.

The Peace Warrior Movement

As we design our tomorrow, let us ensure that compassion runs in our DNA and in the DNA of our next generations on autopilot. Let us create such a thunder, a roar that it sets in as a second nature. Come out, let humanity feel the roar and thunder of this movement. Together we will bring about transformations of the heart through service to each other, service to humanity, service to all earthlings and service to a collective greater good. The fruit of which will be reaped by us in the form of a healthier and more thriving world and a legacy for our future generations.

With that we introduce you to the emblem of the peace warrior. It is a warrior’s shield, with 4 symbols on it:

  • Heart
  • Microphone
  • Pen
  • Lightning bolt

The Significance of each symbol.


Represents a heart full of love and compassion. We will make transformations of the heart through our works; we are looking beyond peace and non-violence. We aspire to tap the peace warrior spirit in anyone who is touched by us or our works. We will be instrumental in the spread of The Peace Warrior Spirit this wave of compassion, the joy of giving and the priceless receiving through giving, positive transformations, meaningful impact and more. We will take up as many social and humanitarian causes to spread the joy of giving, while uplifting those who are less fortunate than us.


The second thing here is the microphone. Our voice, our good voice. We can do so much with our good voice, to stop and speak up when something wrong is happening. To encourage when something good is happening, that is the good voice. The microphone in today’s day and age of a flattened world. We will utilize the internet, social media platforms, live events and so on to spread the awareness of the peace warrior spirit, through love and compassion we can impact our world in the most beautiful of ways. We will speak and broadcast meaningful content. Let the children hear it, let the adults hear it, let the youth hear it. So that is a huge and meaningful impact that would facilitate the spread and awareness of compassion. Anyone who is touched by the good voices we speak, and broadcast is automatically also touched by this wave of compassion and need to give back and impact.


We know is mightier than the sword. We will use the medium of creative expression via meaningful books, literary works, utilizing modern day platforms to spread the peace warrior spirit , through love and compassion we can impact our world in the most beautiful of ways. We will write meaningful, inspiring, and transformational content. Let the children read them, let the adults read them, let the youth read them. So that is a huge and meaningful impact that would facilitate the spread and awareness of compassion. Anyone who is touched by the books and content we write is automatically also touched by this wave of compassion and need to give back and impact.


Lightning represents lightning or jolt(s) of lightning. The peace warrior spirit and our actions will have an instant transformation of the heart as if struck by lightning. To bring about transformations is represented as “having a lightening effect”.

Through this movement, we are going to facilitate a better world, remember each intention and each action counts, our collective actions will bring waves of transformations. Let us enlighten ourselves, empower ourselves, evolve ourselves while helping others and do what is right.

be The Peace Warrior – be the CHANGE – make a DIFFERENCE

Our Team


Supriya is a global HR executive with 20+ years of HR experience in delivering excellence across multiple HR functions including Talent Development, Employee Experience, Compensation, Benefits, & HRIS to Consulting, Entertainment, Research, and Financial services Fortune 500 companies.

“My awakening in the peace warrior spirit comes from my drive for social and compassionate leadership to see as others see, and feel as others feel. Driven by a strong sense of emotional intelligence, the COVID-19 global pandemic played a huge role in me wanting to make a difference for populations living in poverty who are seeing an impact not only on health but also a huge economic impact.”

Liza T. Colenzo

Liza T. Colenzo grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and spent most of her childhood volunteering for nonprofit and for profit organizations. Liza received her secondary education at San Marino High School in San Marino, California. She went on to pursue her studies at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and obtained a B.A. Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis. Throughout her educational career, Liza divided her time between her interests as a student, intercollegiate athlete and philanthropist. Liza won awards for her sportsmanship, leadership and athleticism as well as national recognition from the White House for her philanthropic dedication. Soon after completing her studies, Liza took a position in Beverly Hills as a Human Resources Executive for the world’s leading luxury retailer. In her fascinating job, Liza oversees all the daily operations and won the hearts and minds of hundreds of team members by changing the culture ensuring diversity, inclusion and innovation on all levels. Her hobbies are helping community members with HR related issues and interfaith dialogue. Liza is currently on two Interreligious Councils for Southern California. She is deeply passionate about communicating American Sign Language with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and bridging the gap with the hearing and deaf worlds.

“Most of my fondest childhood memories involved volunteering with my parents for different organizations. My parents were superior role models. They were grounded in religion and believed in putting their faith into action, so I didn’t just learn about spirituality and service—I lived it.”

“I believe that we human beings, regardless of our color, ethnicity or religion, need each other, and if we truly bond together the force of good that will come out this union will be able to overcome any evil thrown our way.”

Kanti Shivare

Kanti Shivhare has served as a social entrepreneur since 2003, providing nutritious meals to low income workers at very affordable prices. She started off from scratch and a small set up and then quickly grew her enterprise to 2 commercial kitchens and 20+ staff in the heart of South Mumbai. She personally ensured – lowest price and highest quality, as she saw the struggles of the low income population, she never once deterred. To selflessly serve and help others has been her lifelong calling.

She is mentor and mother to the staff, not only allowed them to learn skills and make fair wages, most of whom would send all their money back to their village to support family. She also encouraged them with tips to save money, and thus support themselves and their families better. She provided mini, interest free loans to the staff in times of distress or to meet important needs. Many of them were able to build their village homes, help their sisters marry, provide medical treatment for themselves and their family members and so on. Most of the staff is less privileged single earning member of the family, and to be treated with fairness and dignity was their biggest joy as they worked with Kanti. Some of them have returned to their village and setup their own livelihood.

A true representation of both The Peace Warrior Spirit and an entrepreneurial never give up attitude, that is a very modest way of describing Kanti. She manages our COVID19 Healthy Meals distribution program and also oversees regular Healthy Meals Distribution effort in South Mumbai.

Our Volunteer

Anika Bahri

Anika is a high school student with a passion for art, science, and humanity. She is a High Achieving Top 1% student with strong intellectual vitality and proven leadership capability ready to take on the world upon High School Graduation in 2023.

In addition to her academic vigor, she has an unparallel desire to contribute to our communities and be a changemaker. Due to this desire, Anika joined The Peace Warrior (TPW) in 2020 and has been very closely associated with the organization. She is actively involved with the mission and has taken lead on few of the key projects. She started off as the Student Leader for The Peace Warrior Summer High School Program which morphed into the Global Youth Program (GYP).

As Founder and Director of the GYP to engage and empower youth globally to create lasting impact locally. The program started in 2020 with 25 students in Texas and California, GYP has grown to now 280+ students across 3 countries in just 2 years. The GYP has established, “Teen4Teen Club” focused on mental health to provide teens a safe and supportive space based on proven methodologies steeped in science to tackle day to day pressures that unchecked, have long range mental health impact. Partner with nationally renowned mental health and resilience leaders to train volunteers to spread awareness on how to identify mental health issues in a timely fashion and arrange intervention.  The other project that she is involved with is, “The Girl Child”, currently a pilot program, sponsoring 25 girls at the bottom of the pyramid and work with them to put them on the high school journey to eventually gain admission to college or develop core skills to put them on the path of financial independence.

Partnering with the TPW to create impactful grassroots projects to deliver food to most impacted communities by Covid19 that has to-date distributed over 106,000 meal kits in 2 countries in a short span of 2 years.  The GYP has collectively delivered over 2,000 hours of volunteering and impacted over 20,000 lives across the globe.

In addition to her work with TPW Anika is the founder of the club “Students in Medicine” at Vista Ridge High School. She is also a Representative for Girls in STEM club at her high school. Anika is the Vice President of National Art Honor Society at her school as well as a member of the National Honor Society, and National French Honor Society.

Anika has received several accolades in the field of art – Texas State Fair 1st place in Animal Pencil category in 2020, Texas State Fair 3rd place in Animal Ink category in 2020, Scholastic Art Competition Gold Key Award in 2021, 1st place in Facebook Fans Award in Congressional Art Contest for 2020.

Shivaan Salooja

Shivaan is a high school student of Vasant Valley School in Delhi, India. He is a sensitive, caring and a committed child. Shivaan is a technology enthusiast who loves to explore how the world seems to be changing because of advancements in technology.

In India when Dams develop leakages, it becomes a potential danger which can wipe out the entire neighboring villages. He is currently creating AI based models on how Drones fitted with computer vision can help in early detection of damages to dams which can then prevent calamities and save many lives. He has a distinction in certifications from Microsoft on Coding and is currently pursuing a program on Python from University of Michigan.

He is also trying to see how he can help TPC with some technology goals to leverage its mission for maximum impact. As the India Lead for the Global Youth Program, his intent would be to spread the word around to multiple schools and enroll many high school students to increase the difference GYP can make.

He is also an avid football player who loves the game and doesn’t seem to tire even after hours of playing.


My name is Catalina, I am a software tester. Since I grew up between doctors, father, uncles, aunts and cousins, it’s in my genes to help people. I am very social conscious and I believe we, humans are connected, we are one.
Helping people in need, is helping everyone, and although idealistic, I dream of a world where all people are compassionate and empathetic.
I have suffered depression which made me very understanding towards people who are in need, who ended up in the streets, due to an addiction or mental illness. There is no fault in the way one’s brain works, maybe some people made mistakes, but we shouldn’t deny them help.
Moving to the West Cost I was shocked how many homeless people there are, I’ve lived around them in Hollywood and I know many of them have access to food. That’s why I thought of making hygiene kits for them, especially women. My goal is that even if you are a woman on the streets, you should have all necessary stuff, some pain killers, water and something sweet.

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

We are pleased to let you know that The Peace Warrior (TPW) has been approved as an official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). The ability to bestow Presidential recognition to our volunteers is a tremendous honor. In recognizing the great work and commitment of our volunteers, we are able to deliver a powerful message, one that encourages others to act.

Certifying Organizations

As a Certifying Organization TPW has been granted authority to give out the PVSA to volunteers. We are bale to verify and certify that a volunteer has met the requirements to receive a PVSA within a 12 month period, we follow January – December cycle. We will first certify volunteers’ eligibility for the PVSA and then present award.
Before applying for PSVA, please ensure your eligibility, we require that you log your hours and submit progress report. For more information, please contact us: https://60k.47f.mywebsitetransfer.com/contact/

Volunteer Eligibility

  • United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States (i.e., green card holder)
  • Must be at least five years old
  • Completes eligible service within a 12-month period (for annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards) and over a lifetime (for Lifetime Achievement Awards)

    Eligible Service

  • Unpaid acts of volunteer service benefitting others
    • Service through National service programs that provide a stipend (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) may count towards the Lifetime Achievement Award, but not for the annual Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards)
    • Travel stipends, transit/parking passes, membership passes, expense reimbursements, and other nominal volunteer support do not impact service eligibility

      Eligible Service Does Not Include

    • Donating funds
    • Political lobbying (Non-partisan voter registration is an eligible activity)
    • Religious instruction
    • Conducting worship service
    • Proselytizing
    • Volunteer service performed as part of court-ordered community service
    • Serving only family members


Hours Required to Earn Awards in Each Age Group


Bronze – 26-49 hours

Silver – 50-74 hours

Gold – 75+ hours

LifeTime Achievement Award – 4000+ hours


Bronze – 50-74 hours

Silver – 75-99 hours

Gold – 100+ hours

LifeTime Achievement Award – 4000+ hours


Bronze – 100-174 hours

Silver – 175-249 hours

Gold – 250+ hours

LifeTime Achievement Award – 4000+ hours


Bronze – 100-249 hours

Silver – 250-499 hours

Gold – 500+ hours

LifeTime Achievement Award – 4000+ hours

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