To be a Peace Warrior is to choose humanity over all else. It is striving to be the best version of ourselves. The Peace Warrior Youth Program endeavors to bring a few chosen, and committed together, provide them with the tools of compassion, knowledge and leadership training to become aware of our environment and lay the foundations for becoming successful global citizens. Our Youth program is specially curated and designed to empower our youth to support the world from anywhere, while impacting our local and global communities through our network.

In 2021, we engaged over 50 students worldwide and worked on projects related to Covid support, social enterprise and fundraising, artistic endeavors, food distribution and leadership training from professional corporate leadership coaches in the industry. In 2022, we expanded our program significantly, reaching over 150 volunteers worldwide.

The Global Youth Program has collectively delivered over 5,000 hours of volunteering and impacted over 50,000 lives across the globe

The Peace Warrior (TPW) has been approved as an official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). The ability to bestow Presidential recognition to our volunteers is a tremendous honor. In recognizing the great work and commitment of our volunteers, we are able to deliver a powerful message, one that encourages others to act.

Our 2023 summer program will include the following themes with more to follow, passionate highschoolers to contact us for further details:

  • Social Enterprise and Funding
  • Clothes/Books/Food Drive
  • Hosting Virtual Workshops (TPW Project EDU)
  • Addressing Issues in the Community, Proposing Solutions, Community Petitions
  • Homeless Care Kits

Not only is the program designed for Youth, but it is also designed by Youth.


Global Youth Program FAQs

Is the TPW Global Youth Program virtual or onsite?

Yes the program is all virtual – it can be done from anywhere in the world. We will be holding weekly zoom calls on Saturdays to bring our team together.

Are the weekly zoom calls at the same time each week?

Yes – you will be assigned a cohort based on your location (and time zone). Each cohort has a separate meeting time and will involve you engaging with peers in similar physical locations. Each zoom call consists of the GYP team presenting the new week’s theme, discussing our community and the impacts we did on it, and highlights from the previous week.

What is the expectation in terms of volunteer hours for the week/program?

The expectation is approximately 5 hours a week and a total of about 30-40 hours over the six week period.

Are you a certified organization to grant the President's Volunteer Service award?

Yes, The Peace Warrior is certified to administer and honor students with the President’s Volunteer Service award.

What happens if for some reason I can’t make it to a meeting? Do you send out the recorded meetings?

We encourage students to attend the meetings if possible, but if it’s not possible, please send us an email and we will instead send meeting notes on what was discussed and the activity we will be doing that week as well as the instructions.

Are you able to provide any type of documentation once the volunteering hours have been completed?

Students will receive a certificate for completion which will have the volunteer hours listed.

Is there a fee to join this program?

Yes, there is a $40 registration fee for all members (starting from 2023). All fees can be paid using the link in the registration form. Please make sure you type the student’s name in the comments for verification. If you were an active participant of the GYP program in 2022 or 2021, you are NOT exempt from this fee.


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