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World Hunger Crisis is for real! And only getting worse every single year. Sickening to the gut, is not it!! What is the point of our advancements if we cannot find solutions to simple things? What is the point of having the most advanced military, medicine, technology, being able to ZOOM in and out of space? When down on planet Earth even though there is ABUNDANCE, millions still STARVE to death from HUNGER. In our country it is common practice to throw food away, we are mostly in excess. Many a times our farmers have to dump excess produce and milk, they are helpless and not at fault as such, however it is something that should concern each one of us, why do we let our fellow humans starve to death, even though we have ABUNDANCE of everything.

The irony is, while many of us privileged with abundance throw away extras into trash cans, there are others who are okay to pick off those trash cans and feed themselves. I think we can do better as a world. No one deserves to go to bed hungry, and no one definitely deserves to starve to death. In the least can we keep our children, the children of our world well nourished?

Today I release an important intention, that is so close to my heart – April 2020
“It is my dream, to see that every child is given a fair share, an opportunity to education, sanitation, clean drinking water, nutritious meals and protection from abuse. (Can we do this much as a WORLD?) In my eyes, every child is a lamp that will light our future. A star that will spark our world when we are dead and gone. Our legacy as a world – is today’s child, not my child, not your child – EVERY SINGLE CHILD.”
– Sonali S. Namiranian

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As the World navigates the COVID19 crisis, please take a moment to pause and imagine yourself in the shoes of people who have been most drastically distressed, displaced, dehydrated and starved – the labourers, daily wage and migrant workers… For them life has become more challenging than hand-to-mouth (which was already more than challenging, right?).

With their livelihood snatched away overnight, imagine the rumbling feeling from many missed meals and having to go to bed hungry, or the humiliation of begging around for one meal.

 We have been running a  daily meal distribution program in Mumbai. It serves clean, healthy meals in a pleasant and dignified way. We are at 92,000+ meals and counting, you may think this is a big number, not so for a mega-city like Mumbai, there is a need for more. We urge you to contribute in whatever way you can.

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